Why should you use early-stage business development services for startups?
December 29, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Photo of warehouse for a company that uses business development service for their startup.

When a business enters the development phase of its life cycle, it focuses on establishing itself through market research, product development, and supply chain management. This is the first stage of a business, followed by the growth, maturity, and decline stages. For many businesses, the early stages are crucial for a business to be successful. To ensure the growth and success of a business, many consider a business development service for their startup to handle the upfront decisions.

Early-stage business development

In the early stage of business development, companies must make the right decisions and have a high-risk tolerance to keep operations going. As a difficult period of the life of any business, the development stage comes with uncertainty in funding and resources, and investors risk losing their invested capital.

Early-stage businesses typically finalize any products or services, sourcing, material management, and warehousing. Our company provides clients component services related to manufacturing and worldwide distribution resources to ensure every aspect of your startup is covered.

Startups can experience many problems during the development stage, including finding value in their product or service, finding their target market, how to stand out from the competition, and how to attain financing.

How can a business development service help my startup?

Companies face many challenges in the early stages, from tough competition to hiring the right employees for your company. With existing companies already in your industry, it might be hard to create the right strategy and gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, you’ll need to hire people who share your brand’s vision and have the experience to get the job done.

Business development services like Sisler Companies are equipped with market research tools to help you gain a competitive advantage while managing some of the upfront costs of opening a business. Our sales reps will travel to you and assist you in making informed decisions so that you will build a strong base of customers.

With various problems to address during the development stage, it can be hard to know if your business is equipped for success. The right business development service will give you advice on all aspects of developing a company, including product testing, manufacturing, and determining short and long-term goals.

Our business development services for startups

Our trusted component services provide a global multi-lingual network of over 200 manufacturers across Europe, North America, and Asia. Using our database of manufacturers, our team of experienced industry-specific sales representatives knows the ins and outs of appliances, electric motor, and automotive manufacturing to help your industry-related startup succeed.

We advise our clients on which tasks to place urgency on to increase productivity and help them grow. With a focus on our clients and their customers, each business receives high-quality products and services, resulting in increased conversions and leads.

We’ll help you prevent overspending and stick to your budget, reducing your chances of putting you into too much debt, which increases your long-term profits. Once your product or service is on the market, our dedicated development services will provide our expert advice throughout the entire lifecycle and help identify future markets to grow your company.

Our high-quality strategic sourcing, material management, integrated assemblies, packaging, and warehousing play a key role in the development of businesses in our industry. While other services provide receiving, storage, and in/our services only, Sisler does everything and more. With our advanced component services, we’ll purchase components on your behalf, put components in assemblies, package and label final products, maintain inventory, and ship on a timely basis, so that the development of your company runs smoothly.

Additionally, our advanced technology puts us ahead of the competition. Our patented PTC heating technologies demonstrate better performance, temperature regulation, meeting target temperatures, temp uniformity, and time-to-temperature rates.

Our sales reps are strategically loaded near major appliance manufacturers like Whirlpool, General Electric, and others across Europe, Asia, and North America. We serve many companies and major corporations needing warehousing and distribution services in Wester Ohio. Contact us to learn more about our business development services for startups.

Common Questions About Your Ohio Logistics Partner
December 1, 2020 at 10:30 AM

If you go looking for US manufacturing’s heartland, you’ll land in Ohio or at least close to it. It’s here where companies can find not only warehousing space but Ohio logistics partners ready to provide everything from essential component services to worldwide distribution and manufacturing resources.

Sisler Companies is a trusted provider of component services for the domestic appliance, electric motor and automotive industries. We go beyond the basics to provide our partners with a global multi-lingual network working with manufacturers across Europe, North America, and Asia.

If you’re considering working with a logistics partner, you may have a few common questions.

What can an Ohio logistics company do for me?

An Ohio logistics partner commonly provides various component services, including advanced raw material purchases, product assembly, packaging and storage solutions. Working with a knowledgeable logistics partner will eliminate waste and streamline these processes for you.

These advanced logistics services will undoubtedly add value to the relationship; purchasing components, assembling products, packaging, labeling, and even ensuring timely shipping. There are incredible benefits for manufacturers working with a logistics partner experienced in advanced component management. Reduced waste, more efficient distribution, and a cohesive supply chain are the first among them.

What is component management?

Dealing with downstream sub-assembly can be a significant drain on resources and budget for manufacturers. An Ohio logistics partner looks at the complete picture of product assembly and provides innovative solutions. By implementing component management, our partners experience an array of advantages:

  • Streamlined sub-assembly: manufacturers don’t have to deal with multiple suppliers and part number SKU's.
  • Unified quality assurance and shipping: quality control, packaging, labeling, and shipping is done by one provider reliably and consistently.
  • Global resources: we work across time zones and language barriers to source components for our clients.

When you partner with a logistics company, you’re gaining specialized knowledge and experience that will position you at the groundbreaking forefront of manufacturing.

What’s next?

At Sisler Companies, we envision growth by continuing to incentivize and invest in our people and technology. We strive to cultivate the best minds through ongoing training, onboarding new technologies, and growing our international network to provide our partners with the best services possible.

What is supply chain collaboration?

There are many components to a supply chain, all of which are opportunities for lost efficiency. When members of a supply chain collaborate to address these inefficiencies, you end up with a more labor-saving and less wasteful process. Organizing supply chain collaboration between multiple entities presents some challenges. Companies don’t always understand each other's operational standards, and it’s hard to resolve critical aspects between disparate companies.

Sisler Companies works with all stages of the supply chain. Our global team works in many time zones and languages, and we station our service reps in strategic markets close to major domestic appliance manufacturers. We’re uniquely positioned to organize and execute supply chain cooperation.

Find out more about our sales, warehousing and distribution services.

Sisler Companies works with businesses of all sizes, from family-owned independent operators to major corporations. We go beyond the basic component services you find with other logistics partners. Our holistic approach streamlines your company’s operation, from purchasing and assembling components to packaging and shipping products.

If you’ve never considered partnering with a logistics company before, get in touch with Sisler Companies today. We specialize in domestic appliances, automotive and electric motors industries, devoting a global network of resources towards our manufacturing partners.

The benefits of our portfolio of patented PTC conductive inks on flexible substrates
November 4, 2020 at 7:00 AM
screen shot 2020-11-04 at 9.46.07 am.png

Our PTC heating technology portfolio has evolved over the past 6 years - developed with the goal to provide safe and efficient heating products globally. Compared to traditional carbon fiber or wire options, PTC heating is safer, more reliable, and it can be used in a variety of applications, from healthcare equipment to automobiles.

In this article, we’re exploring how this technology works, and we’re sharing the benefits of using PTC heating technology on flexible substrates.

What is PTC heating technology?

Traditional heating technology uses elements like coils or carbon fibers to generate heat. With this type of technology, an electrical current flows through the coil, and the electrical energy is converted into heat, which then radiates from the heating element.

For example, if you look inside a toaster and see glowing coils or ribbons, this is exactly what’s happening. While this technology has been used for years, it comes with many challenges, such as overheating, uneven heating, higher energy consumption, and more.

PTC heating, which stands for “positive temperature coefficient,” solves many of these challenges. PTC heating technology uses conductive ink that is printed on flexible materials. As the name suggests, conductive ink is a material that conducts electricity. It essentially allows you to draw or create working circuits on thin materials and textiles, such as polymer-based substrates. The ink is typically infused with graphite, silver, or other conductive materials.

Moreover, PTC heaters are self-regulating and use “positive temperature coefficient” materials, which means that the electrical resistance increases whenever the temperature increases. In other words, this self-regulating material restricts the electrical current when temperatures rise, and it allows more current to pass when temperatures decrease. Because it runs open-loop, there is no need for external diagnostic controls.

More on utilizing PTC heating technology on flexible substrates

PTC heating technology has opened up a new world of opportunities for manufacturers. Since substrates are so thin and flexible, this makes it possible to include heating elements virtually anywhere, without the need for bulky coils.

Here are some of the main benefits of using PTC heating technology on flexible substrates:

  • Safety: Safety is a major concern with any heating element. Because PTC heaters act as their own sensor, they virtually eliminate the risk of overheating, which is traditionally associated with coil and carbon fiber heaters. They also have built-in fail safes: the failed part will simply stop drawing the electrical current, allowing the rest of the heater to continue functioning.

  • More uniform heating: Traditional heating technology often leads to cold spots or uneven heating. PTC heaters independently maintain an ideal temperature, resulting in an even distribution of heat at all times.

  • Lightweight: Did you know that PTC heaters can be as thin as 0.005 inches? Their flexible, lightweight design makes it possible to install heating technology in a wide variety of products, from automobile seats to wearable devices. Since they can withstand more abuse, such as folding and creasing, they are also very durable.

  • Environmentally friendly: Manufacturing a PTC heater creates much less waste compared to traditional heaters. They also use less power than traditional heaters, and they are very energy efficient.

  • Temperature & Resistance: Our patents are based around the ability to achieve a wide variety of "switch temperatures" which is critical during the design phase of any development project. Moreover, our inks reveal a high multiplification of resistivity when compared to other inks in the industry - another patented feature.

  • Design Flexibility: Contact us with your PTC Heating application, and we can DESIGN and MANUFACTURE your PTC solution.

Contact us about our patented PTC heating technology

New business development opportunities that involve our PTC design and manufacturing capabilities are run through our sibling company, Nuova Heat. You also may get in touch using our parent company website to learn more.

Benefits of a North America assembly and repackaging partner
September 29, 2020 at 4:00 AM

It takes a lot to get a product from concept to reality; from lots of individual pieces to an assembled good that’s ready to make its way to your customers. Assembly and repackaging are important pieces of the puzzle, making sure your product is built correctly and looks great when it reaches its destination. Here’s a look at just some of the many benefits of having a North America assembly and repackaging partner.

Fast shipping times

If you need to ship items within North America, having an assembly and repackaging partner also located in North America is beneficial. Since such a partner is in closer proximity to the items’ destinations than assembly and repackaging companies in other countries, your items will be assembled and shipped in a timely manner, arriving at their destinations as soon as possible.

Lower shipping costs

When your products are assembled and shipped from a location in North America to another location in North America, they have a shorter distance to travel than if they had to be shipped internationally. This gives you the benefit of having lower transportation costs.

Quality control

A North America assembly and repackaging partner will be familiar with the quality and compliance regulations of nearby countries. This helps ensure that your products are being properly put together in a way that meets local requirements and ensures your products are safe.

Saves you time

Instead of focusing on assembly and repackaging, outsourcing to a partner company allows you to get back to focusing on other areas of your business, saving you time and energy. You also experience peace of mind knowing that your products are being assembled, repackaged, and shipped with care by experts in this field.

Saves you money

Outsourcing to an assembly and repackaging partner also saves you money. For example, having these services taken care of outside of your company allows you to have fewer employees to pay, saving you money. You’re also not required to invest in large, expensive packaging equipment and supplies, saving you even more money.

Increased productivity

Your team members are great at what they do. By working with a partner company, you let your employees get back to their areas of expertise, which can result in increased productivity. Similarly, employees at assembly and repackaging companies are experts at what they do. With their knowledge and experience, they’re able to complete tasks quickly and with quality, increasing productivity in this area as well.

Advanced component services

When working with a North America assembly and repackaging partner, you may be able to outsource additional needs to the partner as you grow. For example, Sisler Companies can take care of a wide range of warehousing and distribution needs, including purchasing components on your behalf, putting components in assemblies, packaging and labeling final products, maintaining inventory, and shipping on a timely basis. We’re also strategically located near major appliance manufacturers and offer sales rep services.

About Sisler Companies

Sisler Companies offers sales and component services for the domestic appliance and electric motor industry. While we’re based in Marion, Ohio, we operate worldwide, and have locations across Europe, Asia, and North America. With a team that speaks multiple languages and has members in many different time zones, we are able to provide quality service whenever and wherever it’s needed. We also pride ourselves on offering a range of services, including warehousing, distribution, and sales rep services, as well as PTC heating technology products. Whatever you need, we’re here to be your North America assembly and repackaging partner. Contact us today.

How component management plays a role as a tier 1 supplier
August 27, 2020 at 7:00 AM

In order to manufacture a finished product, many pieces need to come together.

For most companies, it just isn’t possible to manufacture every part of the end product on their own. Instead, manufacturers rely on supply chains.

As a tier 1 supplier, Sisler Companies makes it possible for manufacturers to keep their inventory stocked and distribute their products on time. Component management plays a big role in this process.

In this article, we’re exploring what a tier 1 supplier is, the importance of component management, and how these services can help you.

What is a tier 1 supplier?

In most cases, when an OEM manufactures a final product, they need help from suppliers. Suppliers provide OEMs with the materials they need to build a product. A tier 1 supplier is the most important part of this supply chain. They work directly with OEMs and provide them with the devices that are needed to make a final product.

In turn, tier 1 suppliers typically rely on tier 2 suppliers, and the process continues as you go further down the supply chain. Lower level suppliers usually provide raw materials, while tier 1 suppliers provide parts and devices that are closer to the end product.

How component management plays a role

At Sisler Companies, we provide the basic receiving and storage services that you can expect from a supplier. But, we also go above and beyond by providing advanced component management services. This means that the companies and OEMs we work with don’t have to worry about complex sub-assembly of components.

Our team can purchase components on a customer’s behalf, assemble them, package and label the final products, maintain inventory, and ship the products on a timely basis.

How our component management services can help you

As a tier 1 supplier, our component management services offer many benefits to companies in the domestic appliance and electric motor industry:

  • Reduced costs: When you work with us, there are no other “middlemen” for you to manage. We handle all lower level suppliers, so you can cut costs on supplier management.

  • Better quality control: We implement strict quality standards down the entire supply tier. This makes it easy for us to track down defective or unsuitable parts to the specific supplier who was responsible for them.

  • Products delivered on time: With our advanced component management services, you can expect the final product to be manufactured on time, and to reach the market as soon as possible.

Contact Sisler Companies to learn more

Contact us to learn more about what our component management services can do for you. Our team specializes in the domestic appliance and electric motor industry. We are also known for our patented PTC heating technologies, which demonstrate excellent performance and better temperature regulation.

What You Should Know Before You Rent Warehousing Space in Central Ohio
August 6, 2020 at 6:00 AM

Identifying and selecting warehousing space in Central Ohio comes with many options. However, not all warehouse options offer your business the same services. logistics, or security. In fact, most warehouses provide only receiving, storage, and in/out services only. While these services are often essential and help your business, they only cover the basics, and may not fulfill your company’s needs.

Sisler Companies offers your business component services that go beyond just the basics. With years of experience in Central Ohio and a global network of representatives located near high-profile, established companies, we offer experience and service not found elsewhere in the state.

Whether you’re just beginning your warehouse search in Ohio or have been seeking a trusted location for some time, be sure to evaluate the services, experience, and knowledge we offer compared to other companies in the area.

Beyond the Basics

It should come as no surprise that virtually all warehousing facilities in Central Ohio offer component services. These basic component services include receiving, storage, and in/out services—services that can be found at just about any facility both in- and outside of Ohio.

While these services are essential, they often only meet businesses’ most immediate needs and do not offer the assistance and flexibility they need to take full advantage of their premium warehousing space. We understand that component services are to be expected, and consider them standard when it comes to the services we offer our clients.

Sisler’s services extend well beyond our competitors’, and we’re proud to offer advanced component services. In addition to receiving, storage, and in/out services, we provide additional, elevated services to aid your business. We’re able to purchase components on your behalf, saving you time and energy and, of course, receiving and storing these components for you. We can also put these components in assemblies and package and label all final products on your behalf, again saving you valuable time, energy, and overhead. Once complete, we also maintain your inventory for you, so you always know where you stand on certain components and final products.

But one of the key services we’re most proud to offer our clients is our shipping services. Whether you’re shipping locally, domestically, or across the globe, we always provide timely shipping to ensure you (and your customers) are never kept waiting for essential components or products. Whether you need daily or semi-routine shipping, we can meet your needs.

Strategic Global Locations

While our headquarter facilities are located in Marion, Ohio, our warehousing and rep network extends well beyond our state and national borders. Our teams of representatives are located in strategic international locations in close proximity to major appliance manufacturers’ headquarters or satellite facilities, including Whirlpool, General Electric, Electrolux, and other household brands.

Each member of our international team operates in their respective country’s time zone, so even if the business day is done in the United States, your operations can keep moving overseas. And as with any business, communication is key. That’s why our international representatives speak a number of different languages; you never have to worry about business needs getting lost in translation.

Rely on Sisler for Your Warehousing Needs in Central Ohio

Whether you need safe storage facilities offering basic component services or are in need of a more hands-on approach, Sisler has you covered. Reach out to us today with any questions.

Marion, OH building renovations continue in 2020 to support growth.
January 20, 2020 at 8:00 AM
by Sisler Companies

Sisler Companies is excited to announce the continued investments they are making to support future growth in 2020.

From 2011 until the final phase cleanup in 2017, Sisler has worked with local and state governments to clean up an old manufacturing building located on the 26-acre site in Marion, OH. Now, the company operates out of 2 buildings and has space available for future expansion.

The COAF Grant Application was eventually approved, and grant money was therafter used to demolish unstable sections of the building, remediate asbestos, and remove large underground tanks. Full story here.

Now, in 2020, Sisler continues to operatate in this location and is pleased to announce further improvements going into the building, now that most of the environmental concerns have been put to rest.


More 2011 photos here.


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