How to make the most of early-stage business development
March 24, 2022 at 4:00 AM
Boxes on shelves in a warehouse.

Whether you’re a small local business or a growing startup with plans to expand nationally or internationally, your growth during the early stages of your business is critical to how you’ll develop in the future. You need to get a certain set of details right early to make sure that your business can survive these early stages and continue to build upon this initial success. But what’s required of you to make that happen?

Early-stage business development requires a firm understanding of what your company has to offer, what kind of customer it’s offering that value to, and what’s required for you to deliver that value in the most cost-effective manner possible. That means planning out and developing your company’s logistics, business partnerships, and other resources as early as possible. With all of this in place, future growth can be fueled by continued improvement in all of these areas.

Wondering how this early growth looks in practice? In this blog post, we’ll break it down in greater detail, exploring how you can define and develop your company’s logistics from the outset, identify the resources and relationships that can best benefit your business, and continue to iterate upon these areas in a manner that results in a healthy level of future growth.

Define and develop your logistical capabilities

You can’t get your business truly off the ground without understanding, in painstaking detail, what kind of product or service you’re offering and what kind of value it holds in the eyes of your customers. But keeping it off the ground means mastering the logistics of getting that product or service to your customers.

For some businesses, particularly local service businesses, this may be a simpler matter. For a company shipping products to any number of locations, though, defining and developing your logistics is a more involved task. You need to take into account considerations like warehousing, manufacturing, labeling, transportation costs, and packaging.

Locate and obtain the right partners and resources

The delivery of your product to your customers is almost entirely a matter of the business partners and resources at your disposal. Logistically, that may mean you’re working with another business to handle considerations like manufacturing, packaging, and transportation. Keep in mind, though, that not everyone you’re considering working with may handle everything needed to fully prep your product before it gets into customers’ hands.

Your business relationships have value beyond handling these concerns, of course. You may also find it beneficial at an early stage to connect with investors that can provide capital for the continued growth of your business, individuals or firms that can assist with marketing your product, and more.

Additionally, the assets at your disposal may allow you to handle some of these considerations on your own. If you have the resources to cost-effectively handle your own manufacturing, marketing, or other necessary steps, it may provide your company with more room to develop at an even faster rate.

Forklift in warehouse

Continually analyze your assets, systems, and business relationships

As you build up your sets of assets, partners, and procedures for getting your product out the door, you’ll need to continue to analyze all of these over time to determine what should stay as is, what should be replaced or removed from the process, and where you may need to improve further with a new strategic partnership or asset investment.

This kind of ongoing analysis is how you can take your business out of its early growth stages and into new levels of success. Your ultimate goal is to find partners that can handle many of your company’s most pressing needs and to acquire the resources necessary to bring your development costs down to a degree that doesn’t sacrifice much of your potential profits.

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