3 Tips for Choosing a PTC Heater Material for Appliances
January 2, 2022 at 7:00 AM
An electric heater.

Positive temperature coefficient, or PTC heaters, are great options for all kinds of appliances. This is because they are self-regulating and are also highly efficient and reliable. PTC heaters differ from traditional heaters that use wires and coils to generate heat, and they reduce the risk of overheating.

Sisler Companies is a manufacturer of all kinds of PTC heating elements that can be used in a variety of applications. We also have three PTC heating technology patents. Our expertise and experience within the field makes us a great choice when shopping for these beneficial systems.

PTC heating elements can be configured in different ways to produce different levels of heat output depending on what they’re being used for. The materials they’re made from allow for safe and efficient heat transfer.

When choosing a specific PTC heater for use in appliances, there are a few things that should be considered. Keep reading to learn about the different options when it comes to PTC heater materials and tips for choosing the right one!

Consider the location

As mentioned before, PTC heaters are able to be configured to be used with certain heat outputs, depending on what the application is. Fin PTC heaters are an option that are often coated in aluminum to help reduce air exposure.

The aluminum coating also helps with levels of humidity and vibrations, which can help reduce oxidation. Because of this, Fin PTC heaters are often beneficial for use in outdoor locations where there might be more exposure to the elements.

If you’re purchasing a heater that might come into contact with water (or become completely submerged), then a Fin PTC heater can also be useful as designs can feature double insulation for safe use. 

Honeycomb PTC air heaters, on the other hand, can be great for smaller spaces or appliances where space is limited, as there are holes built into the PTC heater material that help heat the airflow across the surface of the disc that the heater is made from. 

Think about temperature

PTC heaters are great because they can be modified in different ways to allow for a certain range of temperatures. Not all appliances require the same amount of heat, so being able to customize your PTC heater material to suit your needs is beneficial.

PTC heat conductors are available in a range of mounting options and sizes and are often a popular choice for medium-to-low heating products. They provide stable electronic responses and are stable, preventing voltage fluctuation.

A PTC immersion heater is a great example of a conductive heater, and the most common example of it used in a practical application would be a household water heater. It’s important that the immersion heater is able to get to the right temperature and provide a nice, warm shower or bath for residents.

What’s the application?

This might be obvious, but it’s very important to consider what the application of your PTC heater is going to be. One common use for PTC heaters, for example, is space heating. Space heaters can be functional in the home, as well as in different heavy equipment operations and outside spaces.

These will feature PTC heating material that allows for both temperature control by the user (most likely through a thermostat) and also a maximum temperature design that will help protect the circuit and prevent overheating.

Surface heating is another thing to consider, which allows PTC heaters to be used in applications from something as simple as heat conduction to manufacturing equipment. 

There’s a PTC heater for everything

As you can see, there are a number of spaces that PTC heaters are used in, and the PTC heater material will differ depending on a variety of factors, like the location and specific application that it is being used for.

Along with their versatility, there are a number of other benefits that PTC heaters offer. You can also get more in-depth with the different kinds of PTC heaters and what Sisler Companies has to offer.

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