3 Benefits of Using PTC Heaters
September 28, 2021 at 4:00 AM
An electric heater.

PTC heaters can be helpful in a variety of settings for several different purposes. No matter your needs, you may find them to be a viable option for potential projects or other purposes which require heat. They offer a number of advantages over other types of heaters that make them a fairly versatile type of device.

Sisler Companies is a manufacturer of PTC heater elements for use in a variety of different applications, giving us a significant degree of expertise in the ways in which these heaters can be used and the benefits they offer for our customers.

If you’re considering purchasing these heaters, read on for more information about some of these benefits, including the different types you can choose from depending on your needs, their energy efficiency, and their capacity for use in industrial settings.

There are several types to choose from

PTC heaters come in a few different forms, all of which Sisler Companies manufactures elements for. We’ve written about these types before on our blog, but to reiterate, you can choose between surface heaters, convection heaters, cartridge heaters, air heaters, and fan heaters.

  • Surface heaters transfer heat using conduction through a direct connection with a surface. This kind of functionality can be seen in certain household items like clothing irons and electric stoves, which makes this type ideal for very specific heating needs.
  • Convection heaters use fins to heat the air around them. This can be seen in household applications such as heating the inside of an oven or a room. This kind of heater is designed for a large surface area, as it distributes heat in multiple directions with the use of its fins.
  • Cartridge heaters radiate heat from a central element. The size and shape of this type varies, as it’s made to the specifications of its intended application.
  • Air heaters force air through a heating element to distribute heat. This is often seen in a car heating system.
  • Fan heaters produce heat from a central element and use the fan to blow hot air in a given direction, which is often used in appliances like small standing space heaters for home use.

They’re energy-efficient

Many heaters are well-designed for heating smaller areas, making them energy-efficient in the sense that they can keep only necessary areas heated without having to cover non-essential spaces, like a storage room. These heaters are also often more mobile than other types, particularly when it comes to options like fan and cartridge heaters which can be moved around as needed.

Even types that are meant to heat a larger space, such as convection heaters, are better than many other types of heaters at evenly distributing heat throughout a large space. Fan heaters share this benefit, as they can blow hot hair across a distance.

To read more about this point, check out this article about heaters on DoItYourself.com.

They’re safer than other types of heaters

Normal heaters can often run at internal temperatures exceeding 900 degrees fahrenheit, whereas PTC models will often average out around 500 degrees fahrenheit. They’re also less likely to overheat from causes like scale buildup which plague other types of heaters. At the same time, they’re able to run for an extensive amount of time without generating too much heat to continue functioning.

PTC heaters also generally don’t need any kind of oil, kerosene, or other similar substance to be able to function, as they’re typically electric appliances. This makes the air distributed and produced by these heaters cleaner than alternative types of heaters.

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