What You Should Know Before You Rent Warehousing Space in Central Ohio
August 6, 2020 at 6:00 AM

Identifying and selecting warehousing space in Central Ohio comes with many options. However, not all warehouse options offer your business the same services. logistics, or security. In fact, most warehouses provide only receiving, storage, and in/out services only. While these services are often essential and help your business, they only cover the basics, and may not fulfill your company’s needs.

Sisler Companies offers your business component services that go beyond just the basics. With years of experience in Central Ohio and a global network of representatives located near high-profile, established companies, we offer experience and service not found elsewhere in the state.

Whether you’re just beginning your warehouse search in Ohio or have been seeking a trusted location for some time, be sure to evaluate the services, experience, and knowledge we offer compared to other companies in the area.

Beyond the Basics

It should come as no surprise that virtually all warehousing facilities in Central Ohio offer component services. These basic component services include receiving, storage, and in/out services—services that can be found at just about any facility both in- and outside of Ohio.

While these services are essential, they often only meet businesses’ most immediate needs and do not offer the assistance and flexibility they need to take full advantage of their premium warehousing space. We understand that component services are to be expected, and consider them standard when it comes to the services we offer our clients.

Sisler’s services extend well beyond our competitors’, and we’re proud to offer advanced component services. In addition to receiving, storage, and in/out services, we provide additional, elevated services to aid your business. We’re able to purchase components on your behalf, saving you time and energy and, of course, receiving and storing these components for you. We can also put these components in assemblies and package and label all final products on your behalf, again saving you valuable time, energy, and overhead. Once complete, we also maintain your inventory for you, so you always know where you stand on certain components and final products.

But one of the key services we’re most proud to offer our clients is our shipping services. Whether you’re shipping locally, domestically, or across the globe, we always provide timely shipping to ensure you (and your customers) are never kept waiting for essential components or products. Whether you need daily or semi-routine shipping, we can meet your needs.

Strategic Global Locations

While our headquarter facilities are located in Marion, Ohio, our warehousing and rep network extends well beyond our state and national borders. Our teams of representatives are located in strategic international locations in close proximity to major appliance manufacturers’ headquarters or satellite facilities, including Whirlpool, General Electric, Electrolux, and other household brands.

Each member of our international team operates in their respective country’s time zone, so even if the business day is done in the United States, your operations can keep moving overseas. And as with any business, communication is key. That’s why our international representatives speak a number of different languages; you never have to worry about business needs getting lost in translation.

Rely on Sisler for Your Warehousing Needs in Central Ohio

Whether you need safe storage facilities offering basic component services or are in need of a more hands-on approach, Sisler has you covered. Reach out to us today with any questions.