Benefits of a North America assembly and repackaging partner
September 29, 2020 at 4:00 AM

It takes a lot to get a product from concept to reality; from lots of individual pieces to an assembled good that’s ready to make its way to your customers. Assembly and repackaging are important pieces of the puzzle, making sure your product is built correctly and looks great when it reaches its destination. Here’s a look at just some of the many benefits of having a North America assembly and repackaging partner.

Fast shipping times

If you need to ship items within North America, having an assembly and repackaging partner also located in North America is beneficial. Since such a partner is in closer proximity to the items’ destinations than assembly and repackaging companies in other countries, your items will be assembled and shipped in a timely manner, arriving at their destinations as soon as possible.

Lower shipping costs

When your products are assembled and shipped from a location in North America to another location in North America, they have a shorter distance to travel than if they had to be shipped internationally. This gives you the benefit of having lower transportation costs.

Quality control

A North America assembly and repackaging partner will be familiar with the quality and compliance regulations of nearby countries. This helps ensure that your products are being properly put together in a way that meets local requirements and ensures your products are safe.

Saves you time

Instead of focusing on assembly and repackaging, outsourcing to a partner company allows you to get back to focusing on other areas of your business, saving you time and energy. You also experience peace of mind knowing that your products are being assembled, repackaged, and shipped with care by experts in this field.

Saves you money

Outsourcing to an assembly and repackaging partner also saves you money. For example, having these services taken care of outside of your company allows you to have fewer employees to pay, saving you money. You’re also not required to invest in large, expensive packaging equipment and supplies, saving you even more money.

Increased productivity

Your team members are great at what they do. By working with a partner company, you let your employees get back to their areas of expertise, which can result in increased productivity. Similarly, employees at assembly and repackaging companies are experts at what they do. With their knowledge and experience, they’re able to complete tasks quickly and with quality, increasing productivity in this area as well.

Advanced component services

When working with a North America assembly and repackaging partner, you may be able to outsource additional needs to the partner as you grow. For example, Sisler Companies can take care of a wide range of warehousing and distribution needs, including purchasing components on your behalf, putting components in assemblies, packaging and labeling final products, maintaining inventory, and shipping on a timely basis. We’re also strategically located near major appliance manufacturers and offer sales rep services.

About Sisler Companies

Sisler Companies offers sales and component services for the domestic appliance and electric motor industry. While we’re based in Marion, Ohio, we operate worldwide, and have locations across Europe, Asia, and North America. With a team that speaks multiple languages and has members in many different time zones, we are able to provide quality service whenever and wherever it’s needed. We also pride ourselves on offering a range of services, including warehousing, distribution, and sales rep services, as well as PTC heating technology products. Whatever you need, we’re here to be your North America assembly and repackaging partner. Contact us today.