LMS Consulting



We are a consulting and business development service for customers wishing to enter the North American appliance market. Potential manufacturing clients for Sisler and Associates can benefit from our combined knowledge and experience in the industries we serve. A consultation agreement with LMS provides the groundwork for the relationship, where clients receive a complete outline of the business requirements for doing business in the North American Appliance Industry. This will identify the market potential for your products, define customer expectations, and give you competitive analysis of your product and technology.

Mission Statement

To provide a professional assessment and business development plan for potential clients in the global appliance industry, based on manufacturing strengths, competitive product advantages, and customer needs.

Competitive Analysis and Feasibility Study

  • Sales Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Product Advantages
  • Product Distribution Model
  • Management Fee Structure
  • Product Feasibility
  • Product Distribution Model
  • Market Introduction and Pricing Strategies
The Sisler Process is a sales recipe driven by new industry standards, changes in technology, and customer demands. We understand the importance of having a quality product backed by an organization with exceptional leadership, skills, and competence. Our process is used to understand, evaluate, and ultimately introduce new principals and products into the industry.